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What are conditional moves?

Sometimes a move sequence is forced or expected (for example in agreed openings, or forced endgames). You can save time by suggesting a line of moves to your opponent who has one chance to accept this line of play.

By doing so, you save having to wait for each other to make several obvious moves.

To make conditional moves both players need to have the option enabled in their personal preferences. If they are available an extra option appears on the game page when it is not your turn to move.

If you wish to propose a line of play after your move, simply continue to make moves for each yourself and your opponent -- note that the move entry box is now called conditional moves. You will have to click submit once for each move so be patient, you can't enter a line all at once. Comments entered for any move will appear accordingly as you enter them. (Useful if you wish to annotate.)

If you wish to accept a line of play, be sure to look for these moves in the moves history before you make any other moves. Making another move will negate your ability to accept this move list. Then, instead of moving, select the 'accept conditional moves' option and then click submit. You are then able to proceed with adding more conditional moves, or if it is still your turn, moving.

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