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What are mini-tournaments?

Mini-tournaments are 'all-play-all' tournaments for three to ten players. Only full members of can start mini-tournaments, but trial members can join them.

There are two types of mini-tournament. 'Public' tournaments, which available for any player to join, and 'private' tournaments which are only available to the friends of the person who started the event (through their buddy list).

A list of public mini-tournaments can be seen from the 'Community > Public Mini-Tournaments' menu - this list shows the total number of places in the tournament and the number of remaining free places. To join a tournament, just click the name of the event, select the check box and click the submit button.

Mini tournaments can be for any of the chess variants available here on - games are started as soon as the second player enrolls in the tournament.

New public mini-tournaments should be announced in the 'Mini-Tournaments' forum.

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