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What is Xfcc?

Xfcc (XML Web Services for Correspondence Chess) is a set of Internet protocols for sending Correspondence Chess data over the Internet.

Xfcc was developed by Martin Bennedik and is an open standard so it may be used by any server. supports XfccBasic - allowing you to play your games using third party software. More details about Xfcc are available here:

An Xfcc client program for Windows, written by Andres Valverde (the author of the popular correspondence chess email program ECTool) is now available. XECTool can be downloaded from here:

To use XECTool, or other Xfcc clients, you need to enter your username and password - you also need to enter the web address of the service, which is

ChessBase and Aquarium both support XfccBasic.

XfccBasic only supports a limited subset of chess variants, so some of your variant games may be unavailable using this service.

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