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How do I challenge a particular player to a game?

This article describes the various ways you can challenge another player to a friendly game.

There are several ways to issue game challenges. If you have a game already in progress with that player, you can simply open that game (by clicking 'My Games > Current Games' and then selecting that game from the list) and then clicking your opponent’s name from the header information at the top of the history tab on the game page. (If you just completed a game with that player, you can click 'My Games > Completed Games'.)

Clicking the player's name anywhere in Scheming Mind will take you to their player profile, where you can learn more about them, see the games they've played, send them a private message, or challenge them to a game. These options are listed horizontally at the top of the profile page.

You can also search for a player by their Scheming Mind handle (or their Scheming Mind rating range) by clicking Players > Search Player Database. Again, when you see their name, click it and go to their profile, as described just above.

Note that some people prefer to play only certain variants (Fischer Random, or Suicide Chess, for example.) Others may be playing the maximum number of games that they want to. Or they may be on holiday. In those cases, the "challenge" button will be grayed out, and you will not be able to challenge them.

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