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How do I start a game of chess?

First, you need to find an opponent!

If you know who you want to play against, then you can use the search page (Players>Search Player Database). Enter the first few letters of their name and click the 'Search Now' button. If you want the system to select an opponent for you at random, then click 'My games>Suggest Opponent', enter the variant you want to play and the rating of the player you want to challenge (optional) and click 'Suggest'.

Once you have found a player's profile page, you can select the 'challenge' link from the top of the page (this link may be greyed out if the player is not currently accepting challenges). Enter the game details and click 'Start Game'.

Please note that this is correspondence chess - your opponent may not respond for a few days. You will have the option of cancelling the game if he/she does not respond within five days (neither rating will be affected).

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