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How do the time controls work?

SchemingMind uses 'incremental' time controls…

...this means that you start a game with a fixed amount of time and for each move you make, an increment is added to your clock. The 'standard' time control used on the site is 30+1 (thirty days, plus one day added for each move). Other time controls used are Blitz (5+12h), Fast (10+1) and Leisure (30+3).

You can specify which of these four time controls you would like to play from your 'Challenge Preferences' page.

Each game you play is allocated a start date - this is usually five days after the game is set up, but it can also be a fixed date for some tournament games. You are allowed to move in games before the start date, but your clock is frozen until then. For games without a fixed start date, the clocks start running immediately after both players have moved (i.e. after Black's first move).

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