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New FIDE: first 100 days

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• Smooth organization of major FIDE events, including both World Classical Championships (London and Khanty-Mansiysk)

• Successful relocation and organization of King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships 2018 in a close partnership with the Saudi Chess Federation and the Russian Chess Federation. New standard of organization and specially devised programs attracted thousands of live spectators to the venue.

• Restructuring and massive increase in the prize fund of the Women's World Chess Championship Cycle. Introduction of Women Candidates Tournament and relaunch of Women Grand Prix series.

• Introduction of FIDE GrandSwiss as a new qualification path for the Candidates Tournament in 2020.

Support of continental and national federations

• Allocation of a record 3 million Euro to the development fund.

• Development of a clear KPIs system to evaluate the efficiency of use of allocated funds.

• Agreements signed between FIDE and number of national federations to provide an assistance from the development fund aimed at achieving relevant KPIs.

• Agreements between FIDE and continental federations to be signed during the Q1 2019.

Budget 2019

• The Budget was significantly increased and restructured. The budgeted income of about EUR 6.5 million in 2019 will be the highest ever in the FIDE history. Expenses are planned at EUR 5.5 million, which is almost three times higher than in the preceding years – with the Development fund getting the sharpest increase. EUR 925,000 will be set aside as a reserve fund, which will make FIDE financial situation significantly more sustainable.

• Previously, FIDE spent about 85% of its income on its own office. In the current budget this number is reduced to 35% and will be kept around that level in the future. At the same time, fees charged by FIDE will be cut up to 40% in average – thus reducing the burden on the players and national federations. FIDE is going to support the federations, and not the other way around as it used to be.

Immediate transition matters

• Successful management transition with no interruption in activities.

• Upgrading internal compliance and AML processes allowed FIDE to re-establish its credibility and to open accounts in major European banks.

• Finalizing preparations to relocate the main FIDE office from Athens to Lausanne to be completed in Q1 2019.

Improvement of FIDE governance

• Management Board created with the regular weekly meetings

• Institutional procedures are implemented, with an aim to ensure FIDE governance according to the best organizational standards.

• A team of professionals has been setup to conduct a fundamental revision of the FIDE Handbook in 2019 in order to prepare the amendments towards the 2019 FIDE General Assembly.

• FIDE non-elected commissions were restructured in order to attract the best experts and to make the commissions more efficient; Chairs and members of the commissions have been appointed. Presidential Board members are appointed to overview the work of respective commissions.

• More transparency in the nominations for the official tournaments will be delivered under the guidance of the relevant commissions.

• Task force for review of all FIDE regulations has been established.

Promotion of chess in media and interacting with the chess community

• Considerable increase of FIDE activity in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

• Task force has been created to drastically improve the FIDE website. FIDE strengthens and expands its public relations department – appointments are to be finalized in Q1.

• Talks about the global cooperation between FIDE and major existing chess platforms have started.

• A proper cooperation with mainstream media – East and West to be established soon – in this regards FIDE already held discussion with several global media houses.

• Polls about World Cup and World Championship Match format have been conducted – with about 200 players having expressed their opinion.

• Thousands of inquiries sent to the FIDE office and management were answered timely and candidly – ensuring proper transparent communication between FIDE and chess people around the globe.

100 days is obviously a rather short period of time. But we are committed to our promise to bring the change and make the chess world a better place – and we will keep working hard to serve the global chess community.


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Additional qualification path to Candidates 2020 - FIDE Grand Swiss

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FIDE informs about additional qualification path to the Candidates 2020 - FIDE Grand Swiss.

Consequently, FIDE removes one qualification spot from the rating quota and passes it to Grand Swiss qualifier based on the understanding with World Chess.

The bids for the event are to be sent before February 9, 2019 to [email protected]

Rules for the FIDE Grand Swiss 2019 (pdf)

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FIDE Bank account opened in Caixa Bank, Spain


FIDE is pleased to announce that an official bank account with Caixa Bank, one of the largest banks in Spain, has been opened.

FIDE is extending its gratitude to Mr. Jose Claudio Vinas Racionero, President of the Catalonia Chess Federation for his invaluable assistance in this matter.

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WRBCC 2018 Final Standings and Prize Fund Allocations

Rapidblitz 2018 eng top

The King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Championships were held in St. Petersburg, Russia, on December 25-31.

Daniil Dubov and Ju Wenjun are the World Rapid Chess Champions. Magnus Carlsen and Kateryna Lagno are the World Blitz Champions.

Please view the final standings and complete prize fund allocations: PDF | Excel

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Bidding procedure for the World Team Championships 2019

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FIDE announces a bidding procedure for the Open and Women World Team Championships 2019.

The approved dates of the event: March 3-14, 2019. 

Please, note that FIDE may review a bid that includes only one of the events (only Open or only Women), however the dates for the World Team Championship Open section shall remain intact. Alternative dates for the Women event may be considered upon the approval of GSC.

Bids are to be sent to [email protected] not later than January 24, 2019.


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January 2019 FIDE Rating List

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FIDE publishes January FIDE Rating List. The list of top players is published at Top lists page of FIDE ratings website. All players can check new ratings at the main page of FIDE ratings website.

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FIDE Statement

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1. As clearly stated in Article 1 of FIDE's statutes, FIDE rejects discriminatory treatment for national, political, racial, social or religious reasons or on account of gender. According to the same statutory provision, FIDE events (competitions, congresses, meetings) may be hosted only by Federations where free access is generally assured to representatives of all Federations.

2. Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, repeatedly marked this point during his election campaign as a candidate for the position of FIDE's President. He publicly emphasized this point again after he was elected at the General Assembly in Batumi in October 2018.

3. Finally, FIDE re-affirms its rejection of any discriminatory treatment (as stated in Article 1 of FIDE's statutes) and publicly commits to not hold any tournament or event in a country that does not use visas and otherwise grant entry to any and all players, qualified to participate in FIDE events, as well as to other participants, regardless of their national origin and/or citizenship.

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Congratulations to Mr. Paul Spiller

Pual Spiller

FIDE congratulates Vice-President  of New Zealand Chess federation, Oceania Chess Confederation President and FIDE Zone 3.6 President Mr. Paul Spiller on his appointment as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.
Please read more at New Zealand Chess.
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The FIDE President Appoints Continental Assistants

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FIDE is pleased to inform that FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich has appointed four Continental Assistants:

-    Europe: Vladimir Kramnik (RUS), former World Chess Champion;
-    Asia: Viswanathan Anand (IND), former World Chess Champion;
-    the Americas: Fidel Gonzalez (VEN), President of the Venezuela Chess Federation;
-    Africa: Tshepiso Lopang (BOT), Vice-President of the African Chess Confederation.

Their experience and professional knowledge will serve to further develop and promote chess around the world.

By virtue of these appointments the four Continental Assistants also become councilors of the Planning and Development Commission, a new body that was created on the FIDE President’s initiative and that will assist national federations in chess development.
Former World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik (RUS)

Former World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand (IND)

President of the Venezuela Chess federation Fidel Gonzalez (VEN)

African Chess Confederation Vice President Tshepiso Lopang (BOT)

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FIDE Commissions

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We are pleased to announce the new FIDE Commissions' members appointed for the period of 2018-2022. There are 171 men and 53 women in the following FIDE Commissions:

Chairman: Laurent Freyd (FRA)  
Honorary Chairman: Takis Nikolopoulos (GRE)  
Secretary:  Nebojsa Baralic (SRB)   

Shohreh Bayat (IRI)
Leandro Plotinsky (ARG)
El Husseiny, Mohamed (EGY)
Irina Gevorgyan (UZB)

Lutfiyar Rustamov (AZE)
Alexander Tkachev (RUS)
KK Chan (HKG)
Omar Salama (ISL)
Umesh KC (NEP)
Jirina Prokopova  (CZE)
Natalia Popova (BLR)
R. Anantharam (IND)
Josè Martinez (MEX)
Alaquile Mohamed Abdulla (SOM)
Alex Macfarlane (SCO)
Tony Rich (USA)


Chairman: Thomas Luther (GER)
Secretary: Nikos Kalesis (GRE)

Kema Goryaeva (RUS)
Dora Martinez (USA)
Yang Xuhui (CHN)

Jahangir Agaragimov (AZE)
Sean Manross (USA)
Turgay Seckin Serpil (TUR)
Diakite Ousmane (MLI)
Polina Torochkova (RUS)
Salome Melia (GEO)
Jamie Kenmure (NAU)
Margaret Murphy (ISV)
Dominique Dervieux  (FRA)

Chairman: Smbat Lputian (ARM)

Leontxo Garcia (ESP)
Uvencio Jose Blanco Hernandez (VEN)
Yevgeniy Vladimirov (KAZ)

Ion Dobronauteanu (ROM)
Atanu Lahiri (IND)
Thabano Mothokomedi (BOT)
Bernardo Roselli Mailhe (URU)
Seyed Mostafa Hashemitaba (IRI)
Stefan Loffler (GER)
Alexander Onischuk (USA)
Domingos Langa (MOZ)
Farkhad Sabirov (UZB)
Li Qi (CHN)
Dijana Dengler (BIH)


Chairman: Ozgur Solakoglu (TUR)
Secretary & Youth Director: Mikhail Kobalia (RUS)

Jose Pujol Carrillo (PAN)
Hamad Al-Tamimi (QAT)
Dr Jose Junquiera (ANG)
Murad Iskenderli (AZE)

Senior Chess Director: Jan Rooze (BEL)
Composition Chess Director: Andrei Selivanov (RUS)

Branimir Jukic (CRO)
Yurii Borsuk (BLR)
Stanley Gomez Huerta (CRC)
Zhandos Abishev (KAZ)
Doga Cihan Goksel (TUR)
Delhaes Gunter (BEL)
Vladimir Danilov (ROM)
Vasilii Filipenko (RUS)
Lara Barnes (ENG)
Li Kaimin Cindy (CHN)
Saud Al Marzooqi (UAE)
Ronald Zarza (PAR)
Jose Rita (STP)
George Mastrokoukos (GRE)  


Chairman: Salomeja Zaksaite (LTU)
Secretary: Yuri Garrett (ITA)

Konstantin Landa (RUS)
Husan Turdialiev (UZB)
Pedro Dominguez (DOM)
Alex Colovic (MKD)

Vivian Ramon (CUB)
Klaus Deventer (GER)
Andy Howie (SCO)
Gary Wastell (AUS)
Mihalis Prevenios (GRE)
Ulkar Umudova (AZE)
MS Gopakumar (IND)
Emilio Bastidas (ECU)
Kristjan Orn Eliasson (ISL)
Christiana Ashley (GHA)


Chairman: Emil Sutovsky (ISR)
Secretary: Pavel Tregubov  (RUS)

Kenneth Rogoff (USA)
Darmen Sadvakasov (KAZ)
Ali Mortazawi (ENG)
Jeroen van den Berg (NED)
Bassem Amin (EGY)


Chairman: Dr. Marape Marape (BOT)
Secretary: Abasin Mohibi (AFG)

Agnieszka Fornal-Urban (POL)
Prof. Dr. Kıvanç Güngör (TUR)
Dwi Hatmisari Ambarukmi (INA)
Arthur Schuering (NED)

Dr. Fopa Seraphin (CMR)
Zong-Yuan Zhao (AUS)
David Dorian (ROU)
Dejan Bojkov (BUL)
Amelia Hernandez (VEN)
Dr. Virginia Lagrange (BRA)
Dr. Sabri Sallam (YEM)
Victor Ngani (KEN)
Dr. Marcelo Guillermo Isidron (CUB)


Chairman: Ilya Gorodetskiy (RUS)
Secretary: Alexandra Dmitrijevic (SRB)

Anna Burtasova (RUS)
Stephen Kisuze (UGA)
Peter Doggers (NED)
Ignacio Campos de Barros Barreto (BRA)
Korab Krasniqi (KOS)
Jennifer Shahade (USA)
Sotirios Logothetis (GRE)


Chairman: Maciej Cybulski (POL)
Secretary: Alon Cohen Revivo (ISR)

Hendrik Petrus du Toit (RSA)
Oleksandr Prohorov (UKR)
Rupert Jones (PNG)

Choudary Alapati Vinay (TAN)
Alexei Nikitin (RUS)
Jose Morales (VEN)
Alex Relyea (USA)
Tomasz Zyzniewski (POL)
Diana Tsypina (CAN)
Gulmira Dauletova (KAZ)
Bong Bunawan (INA)
Antonio Bento de Araujo Lima Filho (BRA)
Maher Musa (SUD)
Mario Held (ITA)


Secretary: Sonja Johnson (TTO)

Tshepiso Lopang (BOT)
Fidel Gonzalez (VEN)
Vladimir Kramnik (RUS)
Viswanatan Anand (IND)     

Israel Shilongo (NAM)
Hal Bond (CAN)
Arkadij  Najditsch  (AZE)
Sahapol Nakvanich (THA)
Luis Perez Carrillo (COL)
Carolina Munoz Solis (CRC)
Majlinda Pilinci (ALB)
Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou (GRE)
Erick Hernandez (ESA)
Emmanuel Mwaka (UGA)
Sainbayar Tserendorj (MGL)


Chairman: Nick Faulks (BER)
Honorary Chairman: Werner Stubehnwol (AUT)
Secretary: Alex Holowczak (ENG)

Walter Brown (USA)
Ilya Filippov (RUS)
Gunther van den Bergh (RSA)
Casto Abundo (PHI)

Composition titles: Dinu-Ioan Nicula (ROU)

Atilla Gürmen (TUR)
Geber Diaz (VEN)
Nesla Adnane (ALG)
Tom Thorpe (WLS)
Sabrina de San Vicente (URU)
Rachel Edward-Dapper (NGR)
Yuriy Gnyp (UKR)
Kiddy Makwaya (ZAM)


Chairman: Mahdi Abdulrahim (UAE)
Honorary Chairman: Ashot Vardapetyan (ARM)
Secretary: Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh (IRI)

Hassan Khaled (EGY)
Stephane Escafre (FRA)
Mike Hoffpauer (USA)
Michal Krasenkow (POL)
Cisse Ibrahima (SEN)
Vergara Palomino, Jorge Luis (PER)
Shaun Press (PNG)
Dinara Saduakassova (KAZ)
Carol Jarecki (IVB)
Haroon or Rashid (BAN)
Serafìn Chuit (CUB)
Jouni Lehtivaara (FIN)


Chairman: Pablo Zarnicki (ARG)
Honorary Chairperson: Beatriz Marinello (USA)
Secretary: Paris Klerides (CYP)

Benard Wanjala (KEN)
Prof. Dr. Yusuf Doğruer (TUR)
Philippe Chatelain (HAI)
Syed Shahab Uddin Shamim (BAN)

Guy Bendaña (NCA)
Kgaugelo Mosetlhe (RSA)
Jose Antonio Silveirinha (MCU)
Rena Laveri (ITA)
Omar Osama Jabari (PLE)
Irina Grishchenko (KAZ)
Patricia Gamliel (CAN )
Mir Mahmour Afamia (SYR)
Allan Herbert (BAR)
Alexios Sorras (LUX)
Ahmed Hassan Abdillahi (DJI)


Chairman: Jacob Aagaard (SCO)
Honorary Chairman: Adrian Mikhalchishin (SLO)
Secretary: Peter Long (MAS)

Yu Shaoteng (CHN)
Alexander Motylev (RUS)
Melikset Khachiyan (USA)
Sami Khader (JOR)

RB Ramesh (IND)
Vladimir Grabinsky (UKR)
Watu Kobese (RSA)
Alonso Zapata (COL)
Antoaneta Stefanova (BUL)
Grivas Efstratios (GRE)
Slim Bouaziz (TUN)
Alejandro Hoffman (URU)


Chairman: Eva Repkova (SVK)
Secretary: Ilaha Kadimova (AZE)

Ivan Mandekic (CRO)
Shadi Paridar (IRI)
Mezioud Amina (ALG)
Mei Fang Dina Cheng (TPE)

Sarai Sanchez Castillo (VEN)
Susan Namangale (MAW)
Carol Pesqueira (ARU)
Alexandra Kosteniuk (RUS)
Abigail Tian Hongwei (CHN)
Damaris Abarca (CHI)
Christelle Jager-Hafstad (ENG)
Carol Meyer (USA)


Chairman: Bharat Singh (IND)
Secretary: Andrzej Filipowicz (POL)  

Jan Mazuch (CZE)
Sultan Ali Al Taher (UAE)
Oen Grant (USA)

Gautam Bidur Prasad (NEP)  
Roberto Ricca (ITA)
Obinna Ogbonnaya (NIG)
Bechir Messaoudi (TUN)
Jasmin Nisban (SIG)
Almog Burstein (ISR)
Alex Roose (AHO)
Samir Zerdali (ALG)
Agnieszka Brustman (POL)
Peng Zhaoqin (NED)

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