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The 3rd World Cadets Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships finished in Minsk

s Minsk Niki Riga -07706

The 3rd FIDE World Cadets Rapid & Blitz Championships among boys and girls under 8, 10 and 12 years old have finished in Minsk (Belarus), on June 18. 635 young chess players from 35 federations took part in the World Cadets Blitz Championships. Two players Aleksandr E. Usov from Russia (Open U-10) and Yeganegi Barad from Iran showed perfect score in the tournament 9/9.

First Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism Vyacheslav Durnov, FIDE Vice-president Lukasz Turlej and FIDE Vice-president, Head of the Belorussian Chess Federation Anastasia Sorokina delivered their speeches at the closing ceremony. The winners of all categories were awarded cups, medals and presents. The organizers of the Championships are the National Olympic Committee of Belarus Republic, Ministry of Sport and Tourism of Belarus republic, Belorussian Chess Federation, chess school FIDE Belarus, President's sports club of Belarus.

  Girls, U8    
1 Diana Preobrazhenskaya RUS 8,5
Tong Thai Hoang An VIE 7,5
Mai Chi Nguyen VIE 7,5
  Girls U10    
1 Afruza Khamdamova UZB 8
Evgeniia Satanovskaia RUS 8
Ngoc Vy Ho VIE 8
  Girls U12    
1 Yana Zhapova RUS 8
Klara Szczotka POL 7
Milana Babic BIH 7
  Open U8    
1 Barad Yeganegi IRI 9
Savva Tereschenko RUS 8
Maxim Tsoy KAZ 7,5
  Open U10    
1 Aleksandr E. Usov RUS 9
Pavel Boykov RUS 8
Savva Vetokhin RUS 7,5
  Open U12    
1 Erdem Khubukshanov RUS 7,5
Gleb Pidluznij LTU 7,5
Dmitriy Mochalov RUS 7,5

Photos: Niki Riga

m Minsk Niki Riga --3m Minsk Niki Riga -07165m Minsk Niki Riga -07198m Minsk Niki Riga -07247m Minsk Niki Riga -07291m Minsk Niki Riga -07330m Minsk Niki Riga -07386m Minsk Niki Riga -07446m Minsk Niki Riga -07490m Minsk Niki Riga -07531m Minsk Niki Riga -07554m Minsk Niki Riga -07582m minsk Niki Riga -07629
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Results of the World Cadets Rapid Championship

s Minsk playing hall

The 3rd FIDE World Cadets Rapid and Blitz Championships among boys and girls under 8, 10 and 12 years are underway in Minsk, Belarus August 16-18.

Five rounds were played on the second day of the World Cadets Rapid Chess Championship and after the final 9th round we have the names of the winners and medalists. Two local players, Varvara Matskevich (girls, U8) and Artsiom Strybuk (open, U12), achieved gold medals.

  Girls, U8    
1 Varvara Matskevich BLR 8
Rukiya Olimova UZB 8
Damira Beslaneeva RUS 7
  Girls U10    
1 Zarina Nurgaliyeva KAZ 8
Anna Shukhman RUS 7,5
Olesya Fedorova RUS 7
  Girls U12    
1 Veronika Shubenkova  RUS 8
Ayaulym Kaldarova KAZ 7
Galina Mikheeva RUS 7
  Open U8    
1 Jiri Bouska CZE  8
Rafael Bayramli AZE 7,5
Barad Yeganegi IRI 7,5
  Open U10    
1 Egor A. Koshulyan RUS 8,5
Ihor Samunenkov UKR 7,5 
Lev Zverev RUS 7,5 
  Open U12    
1 Artsiom Strybuk BLR 7,5
Tykhon Cherniaiev  UKR 7,5 
Ivan Saveljev RUS 7,5 

Photos: Anastasiya Karlovich.

m Minsk D2 1m Minsk D2 2m Minsk D2 3m Minsk D2 4m Minsk D2 5

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Full pairings for the Women Grand Prix in Skolkovo

s Skolkovo WGP Ju Wenjun

The drawing of lots for the first leg of the Women Grand Prix (Skolkovo, 10-23 September 2019) was made yesterday at our office in Lausanne. FIDE's Chief Operating Officer, Willy Iclicki, picked the numbers, and the Chief Arbiter for the event, Andrzej Fillipowicz, developed the round-by-round pairings accordingly.

m willy iclicki skolkovo 2
m willy iclicki skolkovo 3

    Round 1      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 1 Cramling, Pia - Ju, Wenjun 12
2 2 Stefanova, Antoaneta - Goryachkina, Aleksandra 11
3 3 Paehtz, Elisabeth - Kosteniuk, Alexandra 10
4 4 Gunina, Valentina - Kashlinskaya, Alina 9
5 5 Lagno, Kateryna - Sebag, Marie 8
6 6 Koneru, Humpy - Harika, Dronavalli 7
    Round 2       
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 12 Ju, Wenjun - Harika, Dronavalli 7
2 8 Sebag, Marie - Koneru, Humpy 6
3 9 Kashlinskaya, Alina - Lagno, Kateryna 5
4 10 Kosteniuk, Alexandra - Gunina, Valentina 4
5 11 Goryachkina, Aleksandra - Paehtz, Elisabeth 3
6 1 Cramling, Pia - Stefanova, Antoaneta 2
    Round 3      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 2 Stefanova, Antoaneta - Ju, Wenjun 12
2 3 Paehtz, Elisabeth - Cramling, Pia 1
3 4 Gunina, Valentina - Goryachkina, Aleksandra 11
4 5 Lagno, Kateryna - Kosteniuk, Alexandra 10
5 6 Koneru, Humpy - Kashlinskaya, Alina 9
6 7 Harika, Dronavalli - Sebag, Marie 8
    Round 4      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 12 Ju, Wenjun - Sebag, Marie 8
2 9 Kashlinskaya, Alina - Harika, Dronavalli 7
3 10 Kosteniuk, Alexandra - Koneru, Humpy 6
4 11 Goryachkina, Aleksandra - Lagno, Kateryna 5
5 1 Cramling, Pia - Gunina, Valentina 4
6 2 Stefanova, Antoaneta - Paehtz, Elisabeth 3
    Round 5      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 3 Paehtz, Elisabeth - Ju, Wenjun 12
2 4 Gunina, Valentina - Stefanova, Antoaneta 2
3 5 Lagno, Kateryna - Cramling, Pia 1
4 6 Koneru, Humpy - Goryachkina, Aleksandra 11
5 7 Harika, Dronavalli - Kosteniuk, Alexandra 10
6 8 Sebag, Marie - Kashlinskaya, Alina 9
    Round 6      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 12 Ju, Wenjun - Kashlinskaya, Alina 9
2 10 Kosteniuk, Alexandra - Sebag, Marie 8
3 11 Goryachkina, Aleksandra - Harika, Dronavalli 7
4 1 Cramling, Pia - Koneru, Humpy 6
5 2 Stefanova, Antoaneta - Lagno, Kateryna 5
6 3 Paehtz, Elisabeth - Gunina, Valentina 4
    Round 7      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 4 Gunina, Valentina - Ju, Wenjun 12
2 5 Lagno, Kateryna - Paehtz, Elisabeth 3
3 6 Koneru, Humpy - Stefanova, Antoaneta 2
4 7 Harika, Dronavalli - Cramling, Pia 1
5 8 Sebag, Marie - Goryachkina, Aleksandra 11
6 9 Kashlinskaya, Alina - Kosteniuk, Alexandra 10
    Round 8      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 12 Ju, Wenjun - Kosteniuk, Alexandra 10
2 11 Goryachkina, Aleksandra - Kashlinskaya, Alina 9
3 1 Cramling, Pia - Sebag, Marie 8
4 2 Stefanova, Antoaneta - Harika, Dronavalli 7
5 3 Paehtz, Elisabeth - Koneru, Humpy 6
6 4 Gunina, Valentina - Lagno, Kateryna 5
    Round 9      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 5 Lagno, Kateryna - Ju, Wenjun 12
2 6 Koneru, Humpy - Gunina, Valentina 4
3 7 Harika, Dronavalli - Paehtz, Elisabeth 3
4 8 Sebag, Marie - Stefanova, Antoaneta 2
5 9 Kashlinskaya, Alina - Cramling, Pia 1
6 10 Kosteniuk, Alexandra - Goryachkina, Aleksandra 11
    Round 10      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 12 Ju, Wenjun - Goryachkina, Aleksandra 11
2 1 Cramling, Pia - Kosteniuk, Alexandra 10
3 2 Stefanova, Antoaneta - Kashlinskaya, Alina 9
4 3 Paehtz, Elisabeth - Sebag, Marie 8
5 4 Gunina, Valentina - Harika, Dronavalli 7
6 5 Lagno, Kateryna - Koneru, Humpy 6
    Round 11      
Board S.No. White Result Black S.No.
1 6 Koneru, Humpy - Ju, Wenjun 12
2 7 Harika, Dronavalli - Lagno, Kateryna 5
3 8 Sebag, Marie - Gunina, Valentina 4
4 9 Kashlinskaya, Alina - Paehtz, Elisabeth 3
5 10 Kosteniuk, Alexandra - Stefanova, Antoaneta 2
6 11 Goryachkina, Aleksandra - Cramling, Pia 1
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World Cadets Rapid and Blitz Championships start in Belarus

s Minsk IMG 9649

The 3rd FIDE World Cadets Rapid & Blitz Championships among boys and girls under 8, 10 and 12 years old have started in Minsk, Belarus on August 16. The championships will be held in Palace of Sport in Minsk, Belarus till 18th of August. 720 young chess players from 36 countries are taking part in the event.

Four rounds of the rapid championship were completed yesterday, the remaining 5 rounds are scheduled for August 17. The blitz championship will take place on August 18.

FIDE Vice-president Łukasz Turlej delivered his speech and welcomed all participants on behalf of FIDE. FIDE Vice-President and the Head of the Belarus Chess Federation Anastasia Sorokina greeted participants, parents and trainers, who came to Minsk to take part in the tournament. She also expressed her gratitude to FIDE and local authorities, who support this prestigious chess tournament, which has been organized for the third time in Belarus.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Baraulya, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the BCF, Leonid Churo, British embassy ambassador in Minsk, Fionna Gibb, and other distinguished guests.

Official website:

Text and photos by Anastasiya Karlovich

m Minsk IMG 9377m Minsk IMG 9402m Minsk IMG 9446m Minsk IMG 9620m Minsk IMG 9649m Minsk IMG 9690m Minsk IMG 9765m Minsk IMG 9770
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WTCC in Astana Round 5

World Team Chess Championships 2019, held from March, 4 - 15 2019 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Open section and Women section board results.

Round 6 starts March, 11 2019 at 3 PM local time.

Please visit the official website for LIVE GAMES.

Standings after Round 5. OPEN

Rnk. Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MP Pts.
1 Russia *   2   3     3 9 13
2 India   * 2   2 2     7 13
3 England 2 2 * 2         7 11
4 United States of America     2 *   2   1 3 6 10½
5 Iran 2     *     3 5 11½
6 China 2   *       5 11
7 Kazakhstan 1   2     * 3 2   4
8 Sweden   ½     ½   1 * 3 4
9 Azerbaijan     3   ½ 2 1 *   3 8
10 Egypt 1 ½   1 1       * 0 5

Standings after Round 5. WOMEN

Rnk. Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MP Pts.
1 China *         10 13½
2 Russia *       3   4 8 15½
3 Ukraine     * 2   2 2   3 4 7 13
4 Georgia   2 * 2     3   6 12
5 India   ½   2 *   2   4 6 11
6 United States of America     2 ½   * 3 3   5 10
7 Kazakhstan 1 2   2 *       4 9
8 Armenia ½     1   *   4 2
9 Hungary ½   1 1   1     * 2 6
10 Egypt   0 0   0     0 * 0


6.1 10 Sweden   - 8 United States of America  
1 GM Grandelius Nils 2694 : GM Swiercz Dariusz 2655
2 GM Blomqvist Erik 2488 : GM Onischuk Alexander 2647
3 GM Smith Axel 2487 : GM Lenderman Aleksandr 2637
4 IM Johansson Linus 2479 : GM Izoria Zviad 2603
6.2 9 Russia   - 7 Azerbaijan  
1 GM Karjakin Sergey 2753 : GM Naiditsch Arkadij 2710
2 GM Nepomniachtchi Ian 2771 : GM Mamedov Rauf 2701
3 GM Grischuk Alexander 2771 : GM Safarli Eltaj 2662
4 GM Artemiev Vladislav 2736 : GM Abasov Nijat 2627
6.3 1 India   - 6 Kazakhstan  
1 GM Adhiban B. 2683 : GM Jumabayev Rinat 2609
2 GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2678 : GM Ismagambetov Anuar 2545
3 GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2633 : GM Kazhgaleyev Murtas 2587
4 GM Sethuraman S.P. 2637 : IM Makhnev Denis 2476
6.4 2 Iran   - 5 England  
1 GM Maghsoodloo Parham 2673 : GM Adams Michael 2708
2 GM Idani Pouya 2604 : GM Mcshane Luke J 2661
3 GM Tabatabaei M.Amin 2600 : GM Howell David W L 2693
4 GM Firouzja Alireza 2657 : GM Speelman Jon S 2516
6.5 3 Egypt   - 4 China  
1 GM Amin Bassem 2709 : GM Ding Liren 2812
2 GM Adly Ahmed 2611 : GM Wei Yi 2733
3 IM Fawzy Adham 2461 : GM Bu Xiangzhi 2731
4 IM Abdelnabbi Imed 2435 : GM Ni Hua 2683


6.1 10 Egypt   - 8 Georgia  
1 WGM Wafa Shahenda 2175 : GM Khotenashvili Bela 2474
2 WIM Moaataz Ayah 2036 : IM Arabidize Meri 2392
3 WIM Elansary Eman 1944 : GM Batsiashvili Nino 2454
4 WIM Ehab Tasneem 1841 : IM Melia Salome 2385
6.2 9 Kazakhstan   - 7 Hungary  
1 IM Abdumalik Zhansaya 2469 : GM Hoang Thanh Trang 2454
2 IM Saduakassova Dinara 2462 : IM Gara Anita 2384
3 FM Assaubayeva Bibisara 2374 : WGM Gara Ticia 2324
4 IM Nakhbayeva Guliskhan 2295 : WIM Terbe Julianna 2306
6.3 1 Armenia   - 6 Ukraine  
1 GM Danielian Elina 2402 : GM Muzychuk Mariya 2560
2 IM Mkrtchian Lilit 2390 : GM Muzychuk Anna 2555
3 WFM Sargsyan Anna M. 2340 : IM Gaponenko Inna 2427
4 WIM Gevorgyan Maria 2264 : IM Buksa Nataliya 2416
6.4 2 Russia   - 5 United States of America  
1 GM Lagno Kateryna 2559 : WGM Abrahamyan Tatev 2377
2 GM Gunina Valentina 2515 : WGM Nemcova Katerina 2315
3 GM Goryachkina Aleksandra 2504 : FM Yip Carissa 2279
4 WGM Girya Olga 2456 : WCM Wu Rochelle 2120
6.5 3 India   - 4 China  
1 IM Karavade Eesha 2357 : GM Tan Zhongyi 2513
2 WGM Soumya Swaminathan 2401 : IM Shen Yang 2453
3 IM Padmini Rout 2332 : WGM Huang Qian 2441
4 WGM Kulkarni Bhakti 2322 : GM Lei Tingjie 2477
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Open positions to work at FIDE

  FIDE Logo black and white

We have open the following positions to work at FIDE in our new office in Lausanne:

Marketing specialist

We are looking for a Marketing Specialist to be incorporated into our recently formed marketing department. The Candidate would join our current team to assist the CMCO in the development and implementation of marketing plans, commercial partnerships, and sponsorship recruitment and management.

This person should be a competent professional, well versed in specialized marketing concepts, principles and tactics. But the candidate should also be a very creative person, enthusiastic, high-energetic and results-driven, able to detect and grasp new opportunities for chess and FIDE.

The goal is to deliver effective marketing programs that will help the growth of FIDE and our official events.

Desired knowledge and abilities:

-- Demonstrated success in corporate sponsorship, preferably in a non-profit environment.
-- Deep understanding and experience within the sports sponsorship industry.
-- Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field.
-- Experience in organising events.
-- Knowledge of chess and passion would be an advantage.
-- Strong analytical and project management skills.
-- Sales experience is a plus.
-- Well-developed oral and written communication skills, including copywriting skills, as well as high attention to detail.
-- Languages: Fluent English required. Work proficiency in French and Russian is an advantage.

Web editor / proofreader

We are looking for a web editor who demonstrates superlative proofreading and editing skills. The candidate should be a skilled writer and researcher, with an eye for detail and understanding of the special requirements of web writing.


-- Drafting, reviewing and editing in English official correspondence, Notes verbales, various communications and support documents for sessions of the official meetings, ensuring delivery within established deadlines.
-- Providing support in the preparation of drafts and speaking notes in English for the Officers of the official events.
-- Providing assistance in drafting the minutes and reports of the official meetings.
-- Creating news articles for the official FIDE web site.
-- Other ad hoc administrative tasks as required.

Desired knowledge and abilities:

-- C2 Proficiency in English or BA/MA in English complemented by a demonstration of editing experience. A candidate must be able to proofread texts.
-- Excellent written and verbal skills in English. Knowledge of other languages would be an advantage.
-- Very good MS Office skills.
-- Familiarity with HTML, SEO, CSS, Wordpress, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, and social media platforms.
-- Copywriting skills and experience in editing texts, adapting the style of the materials we receive from different sources and giving them a homogeneous style. Attention to detail.

Office assistant

We are looking for a responsible Office Assistant to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks.

Candidates should be able to assist management and all company’s visitors by handling office tasks, providing polite and professional assistance via phone, mail, and e-mail, making reservations or travel arrangements, assisting with the organisation of the meetings, managing files, updating paperwork and other documents, maintaining supply inventory and performing other general office clerk duties and errands.

Desired knowledge and abilities:

-- Bachelor's Degree in a related field.
-- Very good written and verbal skills in both English and French.
-- Very good MS Office skills.
-- Strong organisational and planning skills, independent working style.
-- Team player attitude, diplomacy and multicultural sensitivity, ability to work well under pressure and to learn quickly.
-- Readiness to travel, management of high workload and flexibility.

If you meet the requirements and you are keen to work for an international organisation, please send your CV with a cover letter in English to [email protected]. Please indicate in your email what position are you applying for.

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Viktor Kupreichik Memorial started in Minsk

s Kupreichik

Eltaj Safarli (AZE), Aleksej Aleksandrov (BLR), Yuri Balashov (RUS), Manvel Pogosian (BLR), Sergei Zhigalko (BLR) and Vladimir Barskij (RUS) remain perfect after three rounds at the Viktor Kupreichik Memorial.

The International Rapid Chess Tournament “Memorial tournament in honour of Viktor Kupreichik” takes place from 15th till 17th August 2019 in the Palace of Sports in Minsk, Belarus.

Viktor Kupreichik (3 July 1949 – 22 May 2017) was the first Belarusian chess grandmaster. He was famous as a real fighter, a player of creative and sharp style. His numerous immortal games inspire many generations of chess players.

The Open tournament is 10-round Swiss event with 89 participants from 11 federations, including 12 Grandmasters and 9 International Masters. Time control: 15 minutes per game with an increment of 10 seconds for every move, starting from the first move.

General organisation of the tournament is carried out by the Belarus Chess Federation.

Official website: 

Text and photos: Anastasiya Karlovich

m Kupreichik 1

m Kupreichik 2m Kupreichik 3

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Levon Aronian wins the 2019 Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz 2019

s Grand Chess Tour

Levon Aronian is the sole winner of the Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz, the 4th leg of the Grand Chess Tour. He takes home $37.500 and 13 GCT points, jumping to the third spot in the overall series standings, after Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Magnus Carlsen. This is his second victory in this event, that he already won in 2017.

Both Aronian and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave rocketed in rapid, which brings twice as many points, and slowed down in blitz. However, in the end, Aronian was just a little more solid (despite being defeated by the Frenchman in the very last round!). Ding Liren, Yu Yangyi, and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave finished tied for second, just half a point behind the winner.

In the event where "everything went wrong" for him, Magnus Carlsen lost as many as 10 games of rapid and blitz. "My confidence is long gone. You're probably going to see more of the same tomorrow", said the world champion in the interview after the first day of blitz. That is indeed what happened: 4,5 out of 9 on the final day and the place in the lower part of the table.

The World Champion will have barely two days to restore his confidence and heal his wounds, since the action in Saint Louis will resume on August 17th with the Sinquefield Cup.

Games, video replays and other info at the official website: Grand Chess Tour

m Aronian Grand Chess Tour
Levon Aronian. Photo courtesy of Grand Chess Tour.
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FIDE abolishes entry fees for the World Senior Championship

  FIDE Logo black and white

The Presidential Board received the proposal of waiving the entry fee for the participants in the World Senior Championships. This proposal was met with unanimous approval at the 2nd quarter of 2019 meeting.

In view of this, the FIDE President has decided:

1. To abolish the aforementioned fee, starting from the World Senior Championship 2019.

2. To request from the General Assembly to confirm the above decision of the President, making the necessary amendments to the FIDE Financial Regulations.

3. To issue a full refund to all participants who had already registered.

We would like to take the chance to remind you that the registration deadline for this event is September 11th, 2019. Below you will find more information.

Bucharest will host the 29th edition of World Senior Championship, from November 11th (arrival day) to November 24th (departure day). The initial prize fund of 16,000 Euro offered by the organizers was increased by the International Chess Federation with another 30,000, as part of FIDE's strategy of supporting senior chess. Hence, the prize fund amounts to a very attractive 46,000 Euro.

The venue is the four-star Rin Grand Hotel, and the playing hall is the 950 sqm "Bucharest" conference hall, located within the hotel. The organizers are preparing side activities with the aim to make participants enjoy their stay in Bucharest: city tours and visits to interesting places, a blitz tournament, wine tastings, and others.

The 2019 edition of World Senior Championship is a great occasion for senior players (amateurs, retired and successful active players alike), to take part in a top chess tournament, to explore an attractive city like Bucharest, and to share some good moments with other chess friends.

The event is sponsored by Orange, Turkish Airlines, Aqua Carpatica, BIC and Promotop, and it counts with the support of Agerpress, the national press agency.

Official website:
Facebook page:
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Nyzhnyk Wins US Open; Moradiabadi Qualifies for US Championship

s US Open Nyzhnyk

2019 U.S. Open and Premier Invitationals Complete in Orlando, Florida. GM Illia Nyzhnyk is the 120th U.S. Open champion; GM Elshan Moradiabadi qualifies for 2020 U.S. Championship; four premier invitationals held concurrently.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: Grandmaster Illia Nyzhnyk scored an astounding 8/9 to win the 2019 U.S. Open. He takes home $6,400 for his efforts, plus a bonus of $200 for uncontested first place. Over 350 players competed in the 120th edition of this US Chess national championship at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida from August 3-11. Also at stake was a seat at the 2020 U.S. Championship for the top-finishing American player; this went to GM Elshan Moradiabadi after he defeated IM Bryce Tiglon in an Armageddon game after they finished tied in the main event.

Other national invitational championships were held in conjunction with the Open, including three of the premier scholastic events on the US Chess calendar: The Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions (Denker), The Dewain Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions (Barber), and the Ruth Haring National Girls' Tournament of Champions (Haring). The newest national championship on our calendar, the National Senior Tournament of Champions (Seniors), rounded out these prestigious events. Winners from these events were (in the case of ties, all are co-champions):

Denker: IM Ben Li of Troy, Michigan; WIM Emily Nguyen of Austin, Texas; and IM Bryce Tiglon of Redmond, Washington. Based on tiebreak scores, Tiglon is awarded a $5,000 scholarship to the school of higher learning of his choice provided by the U.S. Chess Trust.

Barber: Robert Shlyakhtenko of Los Angeles, California; and FM Jason Wang of Mason, Ohio. Based on tiebreak scores, Shlyakhtenko is awarded a $5,000 scholarship to the school of higher learning of his choice, funded by Dewain Barber and awarded through the U.S. Chess Trust.

Haring: WFM Martha Samadashvili of Albany, New York earns a $5,000 scholarship to the school of higher learning of her choice, funded by Robert and Barbara Schiffrin.

Seniors: FM Shelby Getz of Bel Air, Maryland.

US Chess Executive Director Carol Meyer said, "Our mission to empower people, enrich lives, and enhance communities is on full display at the U.S. Open. Hailing from across the United States and beyond, we have members who range from top players to beginning players; students to seniors; men and women; delegates and volunteers--all who represent a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and who share a passion to grow the game of chess. This demonstrates how healthy US Chess is and how well-positioned we are to meet our mission, while serving our members' various interests and needs."

More info:
Photos: John Hartmann

m US Open Moradiabadi Meyer
Elshan Moradiabadi and Carol Meyer (photo: John Hartmann)

m US Open Nyzhnyk
Anand Dommalapati and Illia Nyzhnyk (photo: John Hartmann)

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