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States and Regions 2019 Division One Completed

Congratulations to Tirol, from Austria, for winning the 2019 States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship.  This is the premier international team event organised by WCCF for states, regions, counties, districts, etc. from anywhere in the world.

In joint second place were Menorca Talaiòtics from Spain and Pawn Sacrifice Bremen from Germany.


Division One produced four IM norms, twelve CCM norms, and five CCE norms.  Congratulations to these players for their successes.

Tirol will receive a free entry to the 2021 tournament.


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Game on!

The William Davies Evans Correspondence Cup is underway  https://www.iccf.com/event?id=84815

Additional details can be found at https://www.welshccf.org.uk/article/807

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William Davies Evans Correspondence Cup

Welcome to the WDECC!

The tournament has been paired using the Silli system and pairing are totally random.

Th event will be playing “Engine Free” on a honour basis. I have had a number of questions of what is allowed and what is not. In practice we are looking to playing this in the style of a Correspondence event from the early 90’s  so:


AllowedNot Allowed
Your own brainpowerChess Engines or any move generating method
Paper BooksMove checking software (e.g. Aquarium’s blunder check mode)
Instructional Videos, DVD;s, etcElectronic Opening Books
 Electronic Databases
 No other players “consulting”
 Sharing or discussing active games before they are completed.


If you are unsure, ask.

General thoughts:

  • Take your time – playing moves instantly tends not to give good results in CC
  • CC tends to be a game of analysis – so look at the position as per analyzing a postmortem. (You are of course free to play “Touch move”)
  • Decide you will play on a physical board or “on screen”.
  • Have fun!

If you have any questions get in touch.

(And for anyone reading this after the start date, No I cannot add players or change pairings

Russell Sherwood,

p.s. Should you decide this event is not for you , get in touch, do not go “silent”. This is both disrespectful to the other players and organizers.


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Last Call for Entries to the William Evans

Anyone wishing to enter should be in touch by 5pm Sunday 29th March - the event will be set up in the eventing

#Evans #LastCall

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Evans Gambit

A few people have enquired as to who the William Davies Evans was and why we are running a tournament named after him.

William Davies Evans is known in Chess circles through the Evans Gambit, seen after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4. 

A regular favourite amongst club player’s and still an occasional choice with elite players (as a surprise weapon) in over the board chess, how does it fare in modern correspondence chess?

Looking at the stats:

  • Chessbase online database 57%
  • Megabase 2020 56%
  • Engine only games show White with a sub 50% score.
  • The line is almost unplayed in recent elite level CC – 1 game drawn in recent times.

A rather unclear position! Older engines show the position as significantly favourable for black, yet more modern engines show a close to zero evaluation.

Looking at wider ICCF games (results 2015 onwards and not having both players above 2500) we see a 52% score, with relatively low draw percentage.

So an area worth examination for the ambitious CC player possibly?! 







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William Evans Cup Entries

ICCF NameICCF RatingWCU RatingEntry Route
810165Stephen Bailey20041418WCCF
810183Ian Jones23932007Dual
 810248Bob Hurn19671697Dual
810209Oscar Elksnis  WCU
810278Rhys Jones2176 WCCF
810276Jon Coles19831589WCCF
810102David Guy15491924Dual
810202Helen Sherwood2330 WCCF
810189Alex Bullen19392106WCU
810283Mark Paffard 1603WCU
810282Jared Williams   
810284Gavin Jones 1563WCU
810285Chris Fox 1763WCU
810286Josh Robinson 1439WCU
810075Marc Wakeham2209 WCCF
810233Paul Scott23011698Dual
810287David Parsons 1732WCU
801289Daniel Jaberansari 1567WCU
810290John Waterfield 1984WCU
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Bill Flew Memorial

The Bill Flew Memorial is now completed; congratulations to Ian Jones for winning this event with 7.5/8


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William Davies Evans Correspondence Cup

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation and Welsh Chess Union are pleased to announce the William Davies Evans Correspondence Cup.

With the widespread disruption of Over the Board Chess events due to the Covid-19 Virus, we are partnering to organize a server-based Correspondence Chess Tournament.

The event will be held utilizing the Silli Tournament system, where each player will play 8 simultaneous games against players drawn from a pool of all competitors. 

An example of this is:


Entry is open to members of either the WCCF or WCU, who are either resident in Wales or play under the Welsh Flag. In all cases players will be required to register on ICCF.com (which is both free and where the games will be played)

The tournament will be Engine Free (on an honour basis) and unrated and played at a rate of 3 days per move plus a 10 day buffer, otherwise played under ICCF Tournament rules.

To support this event a series on articles on how to play Engine-Free Correspondence Chess will be published on https://www.welshccf.org.uk/

Entries will be accepted until 28th March, with an expected start date of 29th March 2020.

The winner of the event will be awarded with a small trophy.

If you are interested in entering the event please contact Russell Sherwood, WCCF Treasurer at [email protected] 

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WCCF Trios

The next round of WCCF Trios will commence in April.

All Premium or International members are entitled to enter two Trios per membership cycle, otherwise the cost if £2 per Trio.

Any player wishing to take part in the next set of trios should contact Russell Sherwood

Examples can be seen at https://www.iccf.com/event?id=58305


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4th Individual Zonal Tournament

Dinand Knol, the organizer of Individual Zonal Tournament, has announced the 4th edition of IZT. There will be 12 groups of 9 players each,


Each National Federation is guaranteed to have one participant and may nominate few additional players to fill vacancies. 

Entry fee is 5 Euro per player.

This event will start with a preliminary stage consisting of groups of 9 players each in categories 1-3. 

Players can qualify for CCE, CCM and IM title norms.

The top three finishers of each group will qualify for the semi final stage in at least category 4.

Participants must have a fixed ICCF rating of between 2200 and 2375.

Start date is March,31.


Any Welsh player interested in entering should get in touch at [email protected]


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Norm Watch

Congratulations to Phillip Dean on picking up both a SIM and IM Norm in WCCF 7th Invitational

#PhillipDean #SimNorm #Wccf7

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6th British Web server Team Tournament Team-Player Matching List

To be added to the list or to make contact with a player/team on the list contact [email protected]


ICCF IDTitleNameFed2012/2 RatingComment
 810278 Rhys JonesWLS 2149 
 620778 Benjamin MajorSCOUnrated 
 160017IMJose Maria Lanz Calavia ESP2329 


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6th British Web server Team Tournament

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation (WCCF) are pleased to announce that entries for the Sixth British Webserver Team Tournament are now open; this tournament will start on 12th April 2020. The entry fee remains £20.00 per team. Entries should be sent to [email protected] and include the team name and the names, board numbers, and ICCF ID numbers of the team captain and each of the four players. The closing date for entries is Friday 10th April 2020. We will inform you of payment arrangements on receipt of your entry.

The full rules of the tournament are available on the WCCF website:


There are two significant changes from the 5th season.

  1. Guaranteed time of 3 days per move will be utilised. (In simple terms this means that a player cannot be “timed out” as long as they make a move every 3 days)
  2. Only 1 player in the team is required to be British registered (Welsh, Scottish or English)

We will be operating a Player-Team matching service, so any team looking for player or players look for a team should contact make contact on the address above.


Division One

  • Champions: Y Gweilch NiMo
  • Relegated: ICCF Warriors and BCCA Sovereigns

Division Two

  • Champions: BCCA Kings
  • Promoted: BCCA Kings and Civil Service A
  • Relegated: Natcor A and White Rose B

Division Three

  • Champions: Schach Dragons
  • Promoted: Schach Dragons and Herts and Minds 
  • Relegated: BCCA Endgamers and Civil Service B

Division Four A

  • Champions: BCCA Tacticians
  • Promoted: BCCA Tacticians and Social CCA B

Division Four B

  • Champions: BCCA Cavaliers
  • Promoted: BCCA Cavaliers and BCCA Bishops


Please note that each team should include at least one player playing under the flag of Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, or a British crown dependency or overseas territory; there are no restrictions on the nationalities of the other two players. Returning teams should include at least two members from Season Four, or they will be considered to be a new team.

New teams are very welcome, and will normally start in the lowest division, however the WCCF Executive Committee reserve the right to allocate teams to higher divisions should it be merited.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Russell Sherwood

WCCF Treasurer



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11th Euro Team Championships Final

To be confirmed but recent results appear to have qualified Wales for the 11th Euro Team Championship Final.  We are in good company with Scotland also qualifying from Group 1. Sadly England were unable to progress, finishing 6th in our group.






#Euroteamchamps #Qualification

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ICCF Congress, 2020

ICCF is now soliciting proposals for the 2020 Congress, to be held in Glasgow from 23-27 August.  The list of proposals for discussion and voting at Congress can be seen here:


WCCF is a democratic ICCF member federation, with an open and transparent decision making process; Premium members may submit their ideas and suggestions to the Executive Committee to be considered for official Welsh submissions to ICCF Congress.  This is your opportunity to use your voice and to influence change for the better.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 23rd June; WCCF will then run a consultation with Premium members to determine which of the proposals we will support with our vote.


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Norm Watch

Congratulations to Adam Davies on picking up his 2nd  CCM Norm  (and CCM Title)  in States and Regions CCC 2019 Division One Board 2

#AdamDavies #CcmTitle #Normwatch

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Happy St David's Day

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Friendlies Round Up

Excluding the Swedish match we have commenced 33 Friendly matches to date.

29 of these have been completed. Our results have been interesting......I utilise two methods to score matches. The first of these is the simple board score and in the regard we have:

Won 9

Drawn 3

Lost 17

Not too encouraging, although when ratings are taken into account the situation is somewhat different. Here I use an expected score based upon the average rating difference in each game. On this basis our results have been :

Won 17

Draw 0

Lost 12

What is even more interesting is that 6 of these losses were in our first 8 games, giving us a 15-0-6 since mid 2014. 

Why is this? Much has been down to the WCCF attitude to Friendly matches - that they are a training and development event. Almost all of our senior players "earned their spurs" in Friendly events.

So our current 4 events


Wales - Italy 25-55 


Here we gave away 120 rating points on average, so the result was always likely to a formality. Congratulations to the 6 players who recorded wins!

Wales - Germany 15.5-25.5


Many games still to play but we suffered on the lower boards here

Wales - USA 11.5-12.5


A close match! The bottom boards have set up the team well, can the Top boards bring it home?

Wales - Czech Republic 6-11


Closer than it seems with a number of "postmen" on the middle boards!










#Friendlies #TournamentResults

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Canada Friendly

We are organising a small friendly match with our Canadian Friends. We hope to field 20 boards and due to the small numbers involved we they will be paired as closely as possible on rating. Time control is to be confirmed but will Time Control will be Triple Block utilising guaranteed 3 day reflection time after Move 50. If you are interested please get in touch by 8th of March 2020 Andrew Smith WCCF Friendly Match Coordinator


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Friendly Match Coordinator

We are pleased to announced Andrew Smith has accepted the challenge of WCCF Friendly match coordinator.

We wish him well in his endeavours!

Andrew's first event will be a match with our friends in Canada.


#AndrewSmith #Friendlies

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First Welsh International Open

The First Welsh International Open has just launched on the ICCF website, consisting of thirteen groups of seven players.


The winners and runners up of each section will progress to the semi-finals in February 2022.

Good luck to all players in this event!


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Only one week remaining to enter the Welsh International Open!

This will be a large international tournament with three rounds (Preliminary, Semi-Final and Final); there will be prizes for winners in each round.  Players of all standards are encouraged to enter.

Entry for WCCF premium and international members is free!

See the attached flier for details.


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The Chess Player's Alice

The Clergy Correspondence Chess Club have released The Chess Player's Alice, by The Reverend Ivor Davies (1923-2005).

Ivor Davies was the Vicar of Hay-on-Wye for nearly 20 years, and was a Canon of Brecon Cathedral.  He was the founder of the CCCC in 1967, and the club continues to this day. The Chess Player's Alice is a whimsical analysis of the famous chess game from Lewis Carol's Alice through the Looking-Glass.

Attendees at the Llandudno ICCF Congress may recognise the book from their delegate packs.

The book can be obtained from The Rev'd. Bruce Carlin, email: [email protected] for £4.00 (or £3.50 for WCCF members).

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Welsh International Open, Current Entries

 ICCF IDFederationTitleNameRating
1.160699ESPCCESánchez Carol, Jesús2142
2.810075WLS Wakeham, Marc R.2209
3.400230PERCCMRivas Maceda, Juan2382
4.30105AUSCCETanti, Joe G.2256
5.30105AUSCCETanti, Joe G.2256
6.150509DEN Hjorth, Jesper1812
7.131214CZECCMDědina, Miroslav2346
8.281147IND Roy, Rabirashmi2020
9.160318FRACCEAlmarza Mato, Carlos2116
10.421446POL Paluch, Andrzej2225
11.810248WLS Hurn, Robert1971
12.371246NED Kreveld, Frank van1112
13.810102WLS Guy, David T.1549
14.212222WLS Morgan, David Philip2229
15.86707GERCCMLemke, Burghard2295
16.516696USA Moujan, Pablo2259
17.810165WLS Bailey, Stephen2012
18.81937GERSIMKrüger, Hilmar2281
19.212468BULCCEAkrill, Richard2038
20.873435INA Pirhot, Tri Darma Yudha 
21.10492AUTCCEVegjeleki, Adolf2283
22.10492AUTCCEVegjeleki, Adolf2283
23.810212WLSCCMSherwood, Alexander2362
24.810202WLSLGMSherwood, Helen2332
25.810161WLSCCMSherwood, Russell2367
26.131362CZE Navara, Eduard1208
27620775SCO Buchan, Allan 
28.517327USACCEWalton, John C.2172
29.461056FINCCESuihko, Kalervo2248
30.950429SVK Frič, Ľuboš1983
31.82771GERCCEHeidtmann, Dirk2145
32.210942ENGCCEReed, Arthur F.2237
33.160017ESPIMLanz Calavia, José María2336
34.160017ESPIMLanz Calavia, José María2336
35.281131IND Ray, Biswa Preet 
36.910073LATCCMGulbis, Harijs2278
37.910073LATCCMGulbis, Harijs2278
38.514975USA Cohle, Stephen1599
39.210454ENG Beckett, Phillip J.1951
40.212997ENG Jones, Malcolm1548
41.514550USA Smith, Richard2015
42.210454ENG Beckett, Phillip J.1951
43.170047EGY Mohammed, Fayez2222
44.141107RUSCCEPopov, Vladimir Valentinovich2094
45.480032SLOCCMPotrata, Janko2381
46.810278WLS Jones, Rhys 
47.82188GER Richter, Wolfgang2236
48.810259WLS Denton, Sean2213
49.81937GERSIMKrüger, Hilmar2281
50.161719ESP Gomez Gimenez, Guillermo1996
51.100510SUI Dellenbach, Jean Paul2033
52.130482CZECCMGlaser, Karel2304
53.180229FRACCMBaroin, Bernard2310
54.30265AUS Freire, Daniel J.1802
55.810276WLS Coles, Jon2006
56.150509DEN Hjorth, Jesper1812
57.371295NED Fluit, Johnny2195
58.212209ENG Gosling, Brian G. E.1879
59.370844NED Velde, Meint van der2128
60.421512POL Głowiński, Daniel1791
61.516925USA Kaczmarek, Robert2145
62.460338FIN Kontulainen, Hanne2155
63.81455GERIMNyberg, Wilfred2235
64.451422SWECCMÅberg, Lars-Erik2304
65.629031SCOCCMLloyd, Geoffrey2283
66.550102RSA Scott, Rueon1641
67.510869USA Lambert, Michael H.1934
68.86893GER Rose, Sven2159
69.141543RUS Nopin, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich2278
70.212907WLS Dunning, Stephen 
71.180280BEL Vuillemin, Gaston2020
72.515808USAIMMuljadi, Paul2415
73.10462AUTCCEHaidenbauer, Dietmar2134
74.513939USA Winbush, Jerome1861
75.180484FRA Alberny, Maurice2119
76.240380ITA Bonoldi, Fabio2037
77.360086NORSIMSande, Øystein2140
78.160318FRACCEAlmarza Mato, Carlos2116
79.82419GERCCEWassilieff, Hans-Dieter2285
80.70373BRAIMCleto Jr., Dirceu2170
81.900143CROCCMKostanjšek, Zorko2373
82.81838GERCCEJeute, Volkmar Peter2237
83.421848POL Warchoł, Dariusz 
84.84249GER Blittkowsky, Ralf1975
85.86706GER Klemm, Robert 
86.510691USA CCEEndsley, Barry E.2273
87.620426SCO CCMCumming, David R.2369
88.620426SCO CCMCumming, David R.2369
89.810167WLS McFadden, Wayne 
90.450649SWE Knöppel, Björn2090
91.810163WLSCCMKeevil, Paul2316


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British Correspondence Championship 2018/20

The 2018/20 BCCC completed recently; another outstanding performance by Praveen Kumar Rallabandi (9.5/14), a player surely destined for a stellar career in CC, ensured that he retained the title.  Second and third were Brian Thompson and yours truly, separated only by the controversial Baumbach tiebreak.


The British Championship is the premium individual CC event in the UK and is organised jointly by the national federations of Wales, Scotland and England. British players of all levels are encouraged to enter.


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