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What do the green spots on the menu bar mean?

A green spot appears on the menu bar when there is an item below the highlighted menu which requires your attention. If you click the menu bar, the menu item is highlighted in bold.

There are three kinds of alert:

  • It's your move: The 'My Games>Current Games' menu is highlighted when there is a game in which it is your move. Clear this highlight by making the move.
  • Private Messages: The 'Community>Private Messages' menu is highlighted to alert you that someone has sent you a private message. Clear this highlight by clicking the 'Mark all messages as read' link under your inbox, or by deleting the message.
  • Forums: The 'Community>Forums' menu is highlighted when someone has made a new post in a user forum that you are monitoring. You can clear this highlight by clicking the 'Mark all posts as read' at the bottom of the main forum page. You can monitor forums by clicking the links in the second column on the forum page.

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